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SPA - MHK 4:0 - Sparta wins season opener

1., Friday 14.9.2018
Sparta - Hradec Králové SPA - MHK
Sparta: Machovský – Blain, Kalina, T. Pavelka, Košťálek, Piskáček (A), Gregorc, Delisle – Černoch, Sill, Smejkal – Jarůšek, Vrána (C), Říčka – Forman, Pech (A), Kumstát – Kudrna, Klimek, Buchtele. Coach: Uwe Krupp.
Hradec Králové: J. Pavelka – Linhart (A), Zámorský, Graňák (A), Cibulskis, Rosandić, Piché, Pavlík – Paulovič, Koukal (C), Chalupa – Vincour, Cingel, Bezúch – Berger, Bičevskis, Miškář – Vopelka, Kukumberg, Pilař. Coach: Tomáš Martinec.
Goals and assists: 16. Jarůšek (Košťálek, Vrána), 27. Košťálek (Forman, Pech), 43. Delisle (Piskáček, Smejkal), 59. Kudrna (Blain, Buchtele). Referees: Kika, Hejduk – Gebauer, Lederer. Penalties: 10:9. No power play goals. Shorthanded goals: 0:0. Attendance: 8 308. Shots on goal: 27:45. Scoring sequence: 4:0. Best players of the game: Matěj Machovský - Jan Berger.
The first game of the 2018/2019 Extraliga season went Sparta’s way. Despite some good pressure from the visitors, Mountfield HK was unable to score thanks to a 44-save shutout from Matěj Machovský. Defencemen Jan Košťálek and Steven Delisle each scored in their Sparta debut, while Richard Jarůšek and Andrej Kudrna scored the others. As a result, Uwe Krupp won his coaching debut with his new team, 4-0.

Ohlasy trenérů

Uwe Krupp: “I thought it was a fast hockey game. Hradec played very hard, had a good start, and we had to play more defence than in any of our preseason games. The guys had to be good at blocking shots in front of the net and overall, I think the 4-0 result was a little bit high for this game. Still, we protected our goaltender and didn’t give up a lot of secondary chances, and on offence we capitalized on a few of our chances.”

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