• 1. I voluntarily submit to follow the discipline at planned actions, during rest time, meals, daily schedule, sleeping and hygiene.
  • 2. I agree to use tools and equipment with necessary care and will not damage them on purpose. In case of intentional damage, legal representative of the child pays the cost!
  • 3. I will submit to the discipline of coaches and officials. I agree to be expelled from the school with no due compensation in case I repeatedly break the rules and discipline.
  • 4. I take part on my own risk. In case of an injury, there is no claim of compensation applicable against the school management.
  • 5. I agree that the hockey school can use and store my personal details, video footage and photographs of myself taken during the hockey school.
  • 6. I agree that my son/daughter will sleep on a bunk bed.
  • Storno conditions: the application is binding with paying the deposit. If the participation is cancelled:
    a) before May 31, 2020 - storno fee is 30 % of the deposit
    b) after May 31, 2020 - storno fee is 50 % of the deposit
    c) after July 1, 2020 - storno fee is 100 % of the deposit
  • The player is fully registered only after paying the deposit within 7 days after receiving a confirmation.
I agree with the conditions
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