03.02.2022 - Vojtěch Martinek

Trade deadline: Sparta signs three players

Sparta is proud to announce the final three signings of the 2021/2022 regular season – goalie Július Hudáček and forwards David Tomášek and Gennady Stolyarov. Zdeněk Doležal also returns from his temporary assignment in České Budějovice, with Daniel Voženílek going the other way. 

While David Tomášek will join the team after the Beijing Olympics, Russian Gennady Stolyarov has already gone through his first practice in Prague. Július Hudáček will arrive in the coming days. "We´ve decided not to go in the direction of player-for-player trades and instead, we gave the roster another boost. All three players have signed contracts until the end of the season," said sports director Petr Ton. 

"When the opportunity to sign David Tomášek came about, we didn´t hesitate. He´s a proven player who put on great performances in our jersey. We want him to play a big part on the power play, his biggest advantage being his creativity." 

The critical question before the deadline laid in Sparta´s crease. The answer? 33-year old Slovak netminder Július Hudáček. "We pondered many different variants. We believe Hudáček is a proven goalie who went through many interesting teams and has a ton of experience because of it. He´s going to make a good duo with Matěj Machovský and because of it, Oldřich Cichoň will be able to put in a couple of more starts at our partner club in Sokolov."

And 35-year old Gennady Stolyarov? "We were in contact with him earlier in the campaign and it didn´t work out then. We had great references for him – he´s a tall center, a former team captain in the KHL, and a great guy to have in the locker room. We´re glad that we were able to sign him this time."  

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