4.1.19 Tereza Velikovská

The results of the Christmas puck of the HCS Foundtion tournament

At the end of December, Sparta held an international tournament for the players born in 2008 and younger. Spartan colors were represented by the team of 5th grade players, who took great second place. Russian team HC Fenix Kaliningrad won the tournament, the bronze medal went to Slovakian Pro Team Select.You can find the gallery from the tournament here.

Results of the tournament:

Group A:

HC Atek Kiev - HC Sdushor Minsk 2:12
Pro Team Select SVK - HC Oceláři Třinec 5:6so
HC Atek Kiev - Pro Team Select 0:10
HC Sdushor Minsk - HC Oceláři Třinec 2:6
HC Oceláři Třinec - HC Atek Kiev 11:0
Pro Team Select SVK - HC Sdushor Minsk 4:3

Group A table:
1. HC Oceláři Třinec - 8 points
2. Pro Team Select SVK - 7 points
3. HC Sdushor Minsk - 3 points
4. HC Atek Kiev- 0 points

Group B:

HC Sparta Prague - HC Fenix Kaliningrad 3:4
HC Motor České Budějovice - HK Nitra 1:2
HC Sparta Prague - HC Motor České Budějovice 8:5
HC Fenix Kaliningrad - HK Nitra 9:1
HK Nitra - HC Sparta Prague 2:4
HC Motor České Budějovice - HC Fenix Kaliningrad 3:4so

Group B table:
1. HC Fenix Kalinigrad - 8 points
2. HC Sparta Prague - 6 points
3. HK Nitra - 3 points
4. HC Motor České Budějovice - 1 poibt

Play offs:

quarterfinal 1: HC Oceláři Třinec - HC Motor České Budějovice 4:3
quarterfinal 2: Pro Team Select SVK - HK Nitra 7:1
quarterfinal 3: HC Sparta Prague - HC Sdushor Minsk 8:3
quarterfinal 4: HC Fenix Kalinigrad - HC Atek Kiev 14:0
semifinal 1: HC Oceláři Třinec - HC Sparta Prague 3:4
semifinal 2: Pro Team Select SVK - HC Fenix Kaliningrad 1:15
for the 7th place: HC Motor České Budějovice - HC Atek Kiev 15:0
for the 5th place: HK Nitra - HC Sdushor Minsk 1:2so
for the 3rd place: HC Oceláři Třinec - Pro Team Select SVK 4:6
final: HC Sparta Prague - HC Fenix Kaliningrad 3:4

Final standings:

1. HC Fenix Kaliningrad (RUS)
2. HC Sparta Prague (CZE)
3. Pro Team Select (SVK)
4. HC Oceláři Třinec (CZE)
5. HC Sdushor Minsk (BLR)
6. HK Nitra (SVK)
7. HC Motor České Budějovice (CZE)
8. HC Atek Kiev (UKR)

1st place: HC Fenix Kaliningrad

2nd place: HC Sparta Prague

3rd place: Pro Team Select SVK

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