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Sparta makes changes in management

With the recent changes in ownership, Sparta introduced new names in its management positions as well. Barbora Snopková-Haberová, a lawyer with good experience in managing positions, became the new general manager. „My job will be to ensure the club´s smooth running and create the best working conditions for everyone. We are still at the beginning and I will have to get to know how it works here first,“ said Snopková-Haberová. 

As for the sports department, Sparta pointed at its former stars Petr Ton, who became a sports director, and Jaroslav Hlinka, who became a sports manager. Sparta´s most effective offensive duo is back together and they will do everything in their power to bring Sparta to the top again. 

„We are good friends off the ice, so I believe we will revive the chemistry we had on ice and that it will work the same in the office too,“ said Hlinka about his and Ton´s relationship. „We have a similar look on the game, and the fact that we get along very well makes me believe that our cooperation will be successful,“ said Ton. 

„We both know what needs to improve and we believe that we will successfully transfer our vision to the players and we will achieve good results,“ he adds.

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