29.4.18 Matěj Mayer

Sparta Prague hires Uwe Krupp as head coach!

While the May 1st trade deadline is still approaching, Sparta Prague has dropped a bombshell this morning announcing UWE KRUPP as the team’s Head Coach for the upcoming two seasons. The 52-year-old ice hockey expert has a huge experience in the NHL, as the coach of German national team, and in the DEL with Cologne Haie and most recently Eisbären Berlin. He led the famous capital city club into this season‘s Finals. „I´m very excited that we have managed to bring such a strong personality to Sparta. He has respect throughout the world,“ says Petr Bříza, owner and chairman of the club’s Board of Directors.

Last season Sparta ended the season with two coaches, František Výborný and Radim Rulík. During the next two years, the Spartans will be led by a foreign coach, something historic for the team. „In the past, we have been thinking about the possibility of a foreign head coach, but we have decided to do so now,“ says Petr Bříza. And why a foreign coach? „With all respect to Czech coaches, I feel the need to go another way. Sparta is a highly watched club both here and abroad, and we want to be more international. In Europe, it is common practice to have coaches from other countries in the leagues,“ adds Sparta’s owner and chairman.

Uwe Krupp played 810 games in the world’s most prestigious league, dominating the NHL with Colorado in 1996 and playing in the All-Star Game. After his amazing playing career, he went on to become national team coach of Germany and coach at club level in Cologne Haie and Eisbären Berlin. Since last season, he has been a member of the IIHF Hall of Fame, which brings together the world’s most famous ice hockey celebrities. „Uwe is an acclaimed personality both as a player and as a coach,“ added Bříza. „My goal was that if we were to bring someone from abroad, it must have been a coach with great reputation, respect, and experience with European hockey. Uwe fulfills this criteria by more than a hundred percent. In his coaching style, he prefers workmanship, team responsibility and maximum deployment, making him a successful coach.“

Sparta is a huge challenge for Uwe, says Bříza

The former captain of the German national team has been trained for 13 years at the highest level, and this year he managed to guide the Eisbären Berlin to the decisive final round against Red Bull Munich. „I am very pleased that he has chosen Sparta from a wide range of offers, certainly financially more lucrative ones. I am delighted he is interested in Sparta; he respects and acknowledges the club’s history. He feels this job is a huge challenge. In addition, he has many experiences with coaching under pressure in the national team, Cologne and Berlin, which are very well-supported clubs in Germany. From my own experience, I know that only a really strong person can handle this environment,“ explains Bříza.

A charismatic coach has joined Sparta for two years. „I also thank agents Jirka Poner and Jirka Hamal from the GM Group, who represent Uwe and were present during the negotiations,“ says the Sparta owner and chairman of the Board of Directors, who was the Krupp’s teammate in the 1994/95 season in Landshut. „Uwe will soon be joined by Sports Manager Michal Broš and together they will work to complete our roster,“ concludes Petr Bříza.

Uwe isn’t going to make a revolution, the boys will follow him, says Poner

An important role in this coaching transfer was played by the Global Management Group, which represents Uwe Krupp in talks with Sparta. „I agree that Uwe is a man in a good place, and it is certainly a good move for Sparta. It is also a new fresh wave for Czech ice hockey,“ says agent Jiří Poner. „Uwe is not going to make any revolution, but he will help Sparta and go their own way. The guys will definitely follow him, because he is a great coach with outstanding charisma,“ Poner adds.

Foto: tagesspiegel.de
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