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Seasonal tickets 2020/2021 on sale now!

Our seasonal tickets for season 2020/2021 are on sale now! Our attendance in the O2 arena was among the highest in Europe, make sure to secure your spot in time!

Our fans belong to the best and most loyal and thanks to them, we recorded the highest attendance in the league again. On average, 10.330 people found their way to our home games! The easiest way to make sure that you secure the best place in the arena and never miss out is to buy a seasonal ticket.


Fans, who bought their seasonal ticket including the Play offs last season, will get a discount for next season’s ticket. Considering the league’s early finish because of the coronavirus this year, the Play off stage will be given to them for free this upcoming season.

Seasonal ticket holders, that will not be able to attend at least 20 home games, can offer their seat for sale for that specific game. If they do son, they will be offered a discount for their next seasonal ticket purchase.

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Seasonal tickets 2020/2021 on sale now!

Season 2019/2020 cancelled due to coronavirus

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