6.9.17 Matěj Mayer

Mastercard is the new main sponsor of Sparta

Sparta is at the start of new season. The first game of the 2017/18 season is going to be on Sunday, September 8th. To the group of major partners is newly included the multinational company MASTERCARD. The general partner remains company Billa.

„We have extended our cooperation with 90 % partners and in addition we bring to our club other major companies such as KIKA Furniture or Mastercard,“ says Petr Bříza, chairman of the board of director and owner of HC Sparta Praha, at the press konference. He is also glad that the second season begins with the cooperation with important company Billa.

„We are very pleased to be the general partner of a sports club with such a wonderful tradition and history. The Spartan tradition in the upbringing of young hockey players is long and has great results. Many of the Spartans represents our country not only in the national team but also in renowned clubs around the world,“ says Jaroslaw Szczypka, CEO of Billa.

Sparta finally confirmed another major cooperation only few minutes before the official press conference on Monday, Semptember 4. „Iʹm glad to welcome another member of our Spartan family among us. Mastercard is included in the Main Partners group. The negotiation of cooperation took place for a long time and weʹre very pleased that a siginificant corporation of wordwide importace has chosen Sparta,“ says Petr Bříza.

„For Mastercard is a great honor to be a partner of such an important european sport club with a huge tradition like HC Sparta Praha. Mastercard prepares great experiences for card holders. For example opportunity to meet popular players or participace in training session. We would also like to extend the acceptance of cards and digital payments in sport,“ says Miroslav Lukeš, CEO of Mastercard.

Sparta currently has about 120 partners which covering most of the clubʹs budget. The number of season cards is practically the same for about fifteen years. „There are about 1,600 individual season tickets and we have also about 1,400 cards ordered by companies, parents, or they are part of our business relationship. The basic season card costs about three thousands czech crowns,“ calculates the Spartan chairman of the board of director and owner of Sparta.

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