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Krupp in Prague: The signature of the contract and debating about the team

The new Spartan coach Uwe Krupp has had his first visit to the Czech capital as the head coach of the Prague club. He has already signed his contract, he attended a press conference, had a tour of the Tipsport Arena and the O2 arena, and is now spending most of his time planning the team preparation and debating about the squad.

"We´ve had a lot to talk about. Uwe is very interested and we have prepared the upcoming off-season preparation plan," says Michal Broš, Sparta Prague Sports Manager. František Ptáček, is taking care of the condition-trainings of the A-team since the beginning of May. "Franta has been known for his great insight and experience in this field during his career. In addition, he has been studying this field at university. He will take care of the team’s off-ice condition training and we believe that this is the right step towards the team´s preparedness," says Broš.

Coach Krupp has also started his cooperation with Jaroslav Nedvěd, who remains as a assistant coach and will continue working with the team alongside the German strategist. The preparation for the new season is starting within this upcoming week, and the strengthening of the team will be further discussed. "Uwe had a personal meeting with Dan Přibyl, who received a two-year contract offer from us, in order to give his opinion on the current situation," adds Sparta´s Sports Manager, who has also been discussing potential foreign transactions with the new coach.

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Every player will be given the opportunity to start with a blank sheet of paper

"I have a great feeling from the first meeting in Sparta. I have been in contact with Petr Bříza for a long time, and Michal Broš visited me in Berlin, so we had the opportunity to meet in advance. While in Prague, I have met other colleagues, including Jarda Nedvěd," adds Uwe Krupp. On Wednesday, he solemnly signed a two-year contract with Sparta Prague in the presence of Petr Bříza, Club Owner and Chairman of the Board. He has therefore officially started the Spartan stage of his coaching career.

"At the moment, we are dealing with all aspects concerning the team and the beginnings of the preparation. We want to do our best with those we have, but also be as strong as possible. I first want to meet each player personally," says Krupp. "When a new coach comes in, he must give each player the opportunity to start with a blank sheet of paper. I like teams that work hard and are ambitious, where players are proud of what they are doing. I want to talk to them as soon as possible, to get to know who´s going to be on board. I want us to be successful," Krupp recounts his feelings.

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