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Hořava and Jandač named new head coaches

Sparta’s new coaching duo will be Miloslav Hořava and Josef Jandač. Both will have equivalent roles as head coaches. The team has won both of its games under Hořava’s rule.

“We managed to create a very strong tandem based on mutual respect. Mr Jandač knows Sparta very well and has experience from abroad and from the national team. I believe that he will complement Mr Hořava’s coaching style and that they will bring the team back where it belongs – the top spot,” said Barbora Snopková Haberová, Sparta’s general manager.

“I’m very happy that Josef Jandač decided to accept our offer and join me as Sparta’s new head coach. I am really looking forward to working with him,” stated Miloslac Hořava. “Everything came together very quickly. My initial plan was to take a break from coaching and not look for any coaching job this season. I needed some time to make my mind up, sort my thoughts and realize that the cooperation will be beneficial for both sides,” said Josef Jandač, Sparta’s newest coach. 

He’s returning to the club after three years. In 2016, he brought his team to the finals, where he claimed the silver medals. “I felt a lot of interest from Sparta’s side. I have met up with the management and we discussed all details of our cooperation. The regular season is nearly over, the most exciting part of the season is coming up. I realized that I should not decline their offer. I want to fight for success with this team.”

The two coaches have previously met up to establish the way the team will work. “We feel like we will complement each other. None of us has ambitions to prove ourselves anything. We both primarily want the team to be successful. I believe that our cooperation will be smooth.,” believes Jandač. “I will take care of defence, Josef Jandač will be in charge of our offense,” Miloslav Hořava said about the coaches’ authorities.

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