07.09.2021 - Vojtěch Martinek

COVID guidelines for home games at O2 arena

Below, you will find a brief summary of the effective anti-coronavirus measures, which need to be observed by all attendees at Sparta´s home games at the O2 arena.

Only individuals who do not exhibit the clinical signs of the COVID-19 sickness will be allowed into the arena. Wearing a respirator (e.g. FFP2 or KN 95) over your airways is mandatory at all times while inside the arena.

Prior to entering the arena, you will be required to present at least one of the following documents:

  • a negative PT-PCR test not older than 7 days
  • a negative POC test not older than 72 hours
  • an internationally recognized certificate confirming the completion of vaccination at least 2 weeks prior to the game
  • a certificate confirming suffering through the COVID-19 sickness, with no longer than 180 days passing between the first positive test and the game

Children younger than 6 years old do not need to have a test.

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