03.11.2021 - Vojtěch Martinek

Back together! Miloslav Hořava returns to Sparta

The proven coaching tandem is back together, Miloslav Hořava has returned to Prague after internships in Sweden. He will com back to the locker room on Friday.

"We´ve been in contact with Miloš for quite some time. We were very interested in him continuing on our team. We are excited that he has decided to complete the work he started and that he´ll once again form a tandem with Josef Jandač," Sports Manager Petr Ton commented. The rest of the coaching staff will stay the same.

Coach Hořava left Sparta after last season´s semifinal loss, after which he decided to gain experience through internships in Sweden. He will rejoin the club on Friday and will take his place behind the bench for the first time during Suday´s game against Kometa Brno. Just like before, he will mostly focus on coaching defensemen. His contract runs through the remainder of the season.

"Before Sparta and I closed the deal, I spoke with Pepa Jandač. We made a great duo last season and it was great to work with him," said the returning coach.

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Back together! Miloslav Hořava returns to Sparta

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